Turkey Visa Requirements

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Turkey Visa Requirements

If you want to come to Turkey, you may need a Turkey visa. But, according to the Turkey visa policy, citizens of some countries do not need a Turkey visa. If Turkey has not applied visa exemption to your country, you should apply for a visa to the representative of Turkey in your country, usually this representative is the consulate. Foreigners coming from countries where there is no foreign representative office must apply for a Turkey visa in person with the Turkish representative accredited in the country they are a citizen of. According to Turkey visa policy, foreign nationals who will apply from our representatives should make an appointment. Otherwise, it may not be possible to enter the foreign representative offices of Turkey. There are some Turkey visa requirements when coming to the Turkish foreign representative office. These requirements are some documents.

How to Get a Turkey Visa?

Passport or an alternative travel document,

 Biometric photo,

 Document showing your income status or the income status of the inviting person,

 Flight and hotel reservation or invitation,

 Document proving that you will return such as Payroll, bank account and workplace permit etc.

 Travel insurance.

These documents vary according to the type of visa you will apply to the representatives. Representative offices have the authority to request more or less documents according to your situation and your country. Visa is a sovereign right of countries. Therefore, it should be taken into account that the application may be rejected by the official authorities. Another method of having a Turkey visa is the e-Visa, which is obtained online through the system. It is a visa application method that citizens of other foreign countries, except for the countries with Turkey Visa exemption, can quickly get it online. Among the purposes of this application method is to reduce the density at representative offices and border gates. Different lengths of stay, entry options and fees are applied to each foreign country by Turkey.

Turkey Electronic Visa (e-Visa) Application


 As with visa applications made to representative offices, the most important issue in e-visa Turkey applications is the physical situation and duration of the passport. Even if you get your e-Visa thanks to the online system, you can not be allowed to enter at the border if your passport is worn out or has a short duration. Make sure that your passport is not worn and undamaged in any way.

It is quite easy to apply for a Turkey e-Visa. The first thing you need to do is to fill out the Turkey Visa Application Form. When filling out the Turkey Visa Application Form, make sure that you fill in the information completely and completely. Your e-visa application may not be approved due to any wrong or incomplete information in the forum.

Another factor to consider is the physical condition of your passport. Even if you get your e-Visa through the system, if your passport is worn out or has a short duration, you may not be allowed to enter at the border. Make sure that your passport is not worn and undamaged in any way.

Despite the fact that the e-visa Turkey system, which results faster than the visa applications to be made at foreign embassies, provides the opportunity to apply quickly, it may lose its validity if information is not entered carefully. When you apply through the system online, you must fill all your information correctly and completely. As a result of the mistake made, both the e-visa Turkey is invalid and if you have completed your payment process, the Turkey visa fee is not refunded.

Once the Turkey e-Visa has been approved, the visa duration cannot be changed in any way. For this reason, it would be better if you make your travel plans carefully. Otherwise, you may not be able to get back the fees you paid for your reservations.

There are 2 types of entry options, single and multiple entry, when issuing visas through the online system. These entry options differ between countries and you should check on the screen at the time of application to avoid any problem. 

One of the important considerations is the prerequisites. In order to obtain a Turkey e-Visa, some foreign nationals must meet and accept certain conditions. The preconditions, which vary from country to country, are certain to be provided for foreigners who want to enter e-visa. In cases where the prerequisites are not met, entry into the country is not allowed.

e-Visa For Turkey

E-Visa For Turkey

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Sun, 06/2022

Turkey e-Visa process is so easy that everybody who has basic internet knowledge can fill the Turkey visa application form in few minutes and pay Turkey visa fees by credit card as online.

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E-Visa For Turkey


Sun, 06/2022

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