Do Citizens of Pakistan Need a Visa for Turkey ?

Ordinary passport holder Pakistan citizens need to have visa to enter Turkey. Official passport holder Pakistanis are exempt from Turkish visa for their visits up to 90 days.

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Turkey Visa for Pakistani Citizens

First of all, let's start by explaining what a visa means. A visa is permission from the official authorities to enter a foreign country. Each country has its visa requirements. These applications vary according to various conditions. Turkey visa is applied within the scope of Foreigners and International Protection Law and international agreements with other countries. Several different legislations are also used in the implementation of the visa policy in Turkey. Foreign citizens need to examine the visa policy implemented by our country before visiting Turkey for various purposes. The issue of visa requirements for Pakistani has become popular recently. Foreign nationals can obtain visas ex officio from foreign representative offices or online via electronic visa (e-Visa). The question of how to apply e-visa is quite popular.

Everyone wonders about the issue of visa requirements for Pakistani. "How to apply e-visa?" is among the most searched visa topics on the internet. To enter Turkey, citizens of other foreign countries, except for those with visa exemption determined by the official authorities, must apply in person from our foreign representative offices or apply for an electronic visa through the system. Foreigners coming from countries where we do not have a foreign representative office must apply for a Turkey visa in person at our representative office, which is accredited to the country of their nationality.

The required documents mentioned above vary depending on the type of visa you will apply to the representative offices. Representative offices have the authority to request more or less documents depending on your situation.

Turkey's visa policy requires foreign nationals who will apply from our representatives to make an appointment. Otherwise, entering Turkey's foreign representative offices may not be possible. If you want to process visa requirements for Pakistani quickly, we are always at your side. Below is the list of documents that you need to bring with you and submit to the official authorities after making an appointment. The processing time is one of the most fundamental issues. Our company handles the transaction process as soon as possible. In this way, we help you with e-visa transactions. You can quickly find answers to all your questions, such as how to apply e-visa and how is the processing time.

e-Visa For Turkey

E-Visa For Turkey

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