Antalya Holiday Plan

Thanks to the historical and touristic places within the city limits, you will not realize how your day went.

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Plan Your Antalya Holiday

Antalya region, one of the most popular places in our country, is preferred by our citizens and tourists every year. Plan your Antalya holiday and spend an unforgettable holiday in your life. You can go to this region comfortably with your family or friends. Thanks to the historical and touristic places within the city limits, you will not realize how your day went. You can have information about the Antalya region by reading this content carefully. If you want to plan your holiday in Antalya, there are many 5-star hotels, boutique hotels, pensions, and tent camping areas in the Antalya region. We recommend that you make your holiday plans in this region in advance. With the increasing demands in the summer months, many people go to the region, and the hotels start to serve at total capacity.

How to Visit Antalya

Our guests who want to come to Antalya will not pass without asking the question of how to visit. You can easily travel to the holiday region by plane and bus.

Transportation by Air

When visiting Antalya by plane, visitors use the airport in the city's center. After landing, visitors can go to the airport by taxi, car rental, or Havaş shuttles. When traveling by plane, millions of visitors fly from Antalya Airport every year.

Transportation by Bus

Visitors buy tickets in the direction of the city's Bus Terminal to take advantage of the bus alternative on their trips to Antalya. Many different regions of Turkey host direct bus services to Antalya Bus Terminal. This is one of the most popular cities during summer as it hosts more excursions than in other months.

How to get a Turkey visa

Foreigners applying for a Turkish tourist visa have two options. You can take information from this content about how to apply Turkey visa. These are to apply in person to the Turkish foreign representative in the foreigner's place of residence or to apply for an online electronic visa through the system. Applying for an electronic Turkey visa is faster and easier than applying for a visa from a foreign representative. You can apply for an e-Visa from any region with internet access without time restrictions. Although the representative requests the printed documents required for the Turkish tourist visa application to the foreign representative office, it must go to the office by appointment. Depending on the density of the representative offices, there is a loss of time in appointments for future dates. At the same time, the cost of applying for a visa online is lower than the cost of applying for a visa at a representative office.

Best Things to Do

There are countless activities that guests can do in the Antalya region. With these activities, which people from all kinds of societies carry out, the region becomes an indispensable area. So much so that you can take a walk on the Lycian path and wander freely in the Castle. You won't realize how your time has passed with sea tourism and museums that shed light on the region's historical past. Our region's deep-rooted history and way of life almost shed light on its food. There are many things in Antalya food to try. You can easily find rich culinary delicacies in every restaurant you go to. We present best things to do in Antalya (such as eating and visiting):
  •  Arabaşı Soup
  •  Kidney Beans
  •  Gökçesu Pilaf
  •  Pumpkin dessert
  •  Stuffed zucchini flowers
  •  Head and Foot Soup
  •  Orange Jam
  •  Sedik Vaccine
  •  Tabby Pan With Tarator
  •  Testi kebab

Cheap Hotels

Contrary to popular belief, there are not only cheap and expensive hotels in Antalya. In our region, luxury and medium-grade hotels that serve people from all walks of society actively serve. You can instantly access the lists of these cheap hotels through the most accessible hotel rental sites. Some of the low-budget hotels are listed below.
  •  Cleopatra Bavaria Hotel
  •  Cleopatra Bebek Hotel
  •  Lavin Garden Hotel Hotel
  •  Linda Expo Palace Hotel
  •  Maren Beach Suite Hotel
  •  Hello, Alanya Hotel
  •  Pension Schoenberg
  •  Side Tuana Boutique Hotel
  •  Viking Suite Hotel
  •  Yaman Life Hotel

Popular tours

They are pretty popular tours made in our area. A list of popular tours is presented below.
  •  Antalya Perge - Aspendos - Side Tour
  •  Aquarium Tour
  •  Boat tour
  •  Jeep Safari Tour
  •  Diving Tour
  •  Submarine Tour
  •  Green Canyon Tour
  •  Horse Safari
  •  Altınbeşik Cave Tour
  •  ATV Safari Tour
  •  Rafting Tour
  •  Fishing Tour
  •  Kekova Boat Tour
  •  Cable Car Tour
  •  Paragliding
  •  Buggy Safari
  •  Boat tour

Popular places

Many historical and touristic areas in the region are famous for their name. Popular places are known for their natural and magical beauties on the map of places to visit in Antalya. The natural beauties of Antalya have made the city a favorite of local and foreign tourists. Antalya is one of Turkey's most impressive green and blue cities and has attracted significant attention for its natural beauty and historical significance. Antalya is home to countless ancient cities dating back centuries, with the possibility of encountering the footprints of dozens of civilizations on both sides. Offering almost everything a tourist can think of on vacation, such as sand, sun, sea, fresh air, history, and entertainment, there is much to see in Antalya. For those who will visit Antalya, the places to visit in Antalya are listed below. Here are the highlights in tourism:
  1. Kaleici
  2.  Kaş
  3. Kalkan
  4. Alanya
  5. Belt
  6. Belek
  7. Olympus
  8. Yanartaş National Park
  9. Duden Waterfall
  10. Antalya Archeology Museum
  11. Aspendos Ancient City
  12. Konyaalti Beach
  13. Sandland
We have mentioned some brief information about Antalya Holiday Plan in this context. You can have unforgettable memories by visiting our region, located in this unique beauty.

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